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Recommended Reading - March 2016

Dr. Haws Recommended Read for March 2016

We want to always approach our work with optimism and remember that a happy mindset causes us to enjoy our work more. Spring time is a great time to shift our attitudes and remember the power of optimism. Here's a book I'm currently reading that resonates with this mindset: 

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor  
This book discusses how our frame of mind and intentional attitude of gratitude, giving to others, remaining optimistic and doing work worth doing leads to positive results and success in our work, life and learning.

Achor's second short book, The Orange Frog, is a parable that illustrates the message of The Happiness Advantage. You can also hear Shawn speak about the themes of The Happiness Advantage at this TED Talk.

RUSD leaders will read The Happiness Advantage together this spring and bring Shawn Achor's ideas to our ASC teams, principals and schools as we kick off the new school year in August.  

Join us! Learn more about the power and joy of an optimistic approach to life and work.