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Arbor A+ Nutrition Standards

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires meals to follow strict nutrition guidelines to ensure students receive age-appropriate nutrition. Compared to past years, meals now contain more whole grains, fruit, vegetables, lower fat milk and age-appropriate potion sizes. Changes were made to better reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 to help combat childhood obesity and to offer more nutrients to students.

Arbor Management takes the regulations one step further by upholding our A+ Nutrition Standards. Arbor Management pledges to:

→ Buy fresh and locally as available.
→ Display the highest quality, freshest possible produce in a rainbow of nutrients.
→ Expose students to new, healthy foods such as edamame, kale, and sweet potatoes.
→ Select cage-free, grain-fed poultry with no added hormones or steroids.
→ Emphasize the 9 essential nutrients in our skim and low-fat milk free from artificial growth hormones and produced from sustainable farms.
→ Encourage whole grains to increase fiber and vitamin intake by providing whole grain rich bread, rolls, buns, breakfast items, pasta, and rice.
→ Serve products with minimal saturated fat, added sugars, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and sodium whenever possible.
→ Eliminate Trans Fat. Grill or bake instead of deep-fry.
→ Provide various protein options such as lean meat and skinless poultry, as well as vegetarian protein options such as legumes, edamame, and low-fat cheese.
→ Educate students on allergy safety, label reading, and age-appropriate portion sizes.
→ Conduct surveys, taste tests, and food advisory committees to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas with students.
→ Teach students to create healthy, wholesome, balanced meals.