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Middle School Plan (2018-2019)

​T​his fall, we asked for your input related to our middle schools through an engagement process called Thoughtexchange. We heard two things loud and clear. ​Our families ​want:

   ●  Safe and engaging learning environments
   ●  Choices and opportunities
​RUSD administrators, teachers, staff, parents and Board of Education are committed to meeting these needs. We are also focused on addressing other challenges currently facing our middle schools including:

   ●  A six-year trend of declining enrollment
   ●  High costs of operating middle schools not filled to capacity
   ●  The deteriorated condition of the Walden III building and high costs to repair/replacement
That’s why, in March, a team of middle school teachers, REA representatives, principals, administrators, parents and students worked together to develop an exciting plan to reinvent our middle schools that will give every family high-quality choices for grades 6-8.


The Middle School Choice Plan​
These exciting changes will be implemented for the start of the 2018-2019 school year

Main components of the plan include:

   ●  Every family will have a middle school boundary at a K-8 campus: Gifford, Jerstad-Agerholm or Mitchell
   ●  Expand fine arts options: Create a K-8 fine arts school by moving and expanding Bull Fine Arts to the            current Gilmore Middle School site
   ●  Expand IB Programme as a school choice: The Middle School IB Programme will move to the current            Starbuck Middle School site
   ●  Expand lottery options at Walden III Middle & High School: Walden III will move to a larger building              at the current McKinley Middle School site

​Middle School Task Force​
In addition to the above, a middle school task force is working to implement numerous strategies and structures to address school climate, student engagement and student enrichment options. This plan will provide every middle school family with five great middle school choices: 

   1) K-8 boundary school: Gifford, Jerstad-Agerholm or Mitchell; 
   2) Walden III (grades 6-12);
   3) REAL School (grades 6-12); 
   4) the IB Programme at Starbuck (grades 6-8); or
   5) fine arts K-8 at Gilmore