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Food Service

logo for arbor management, inc.Arbor Management, Inc.

The District's food service provider is Arbor Management, Inc. With a passion for quality food, dedication to nutrition and attention to detail, the Arbor team is committed to preparing nutritionally balanced meals bursting with flavor. Their registered dietitians, professional chefs, and nutrition staff work together to serve the highest quality, nutrient-dense meals to stimulate every palate.

Nutrition Philosophy

Education doesn’t stop in the cafeteria. The lunch room is the perfect environment for students to learn and discover healthy options. With high direction for proper portions and the promotion of nutritious foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, Arbor encourages students to make healthy choices. 

Have a nutrition question?

Arbor's corporate dietitians are available to answer nutrition questions from students, parents, or faculty via their website link “Ask a Dietitian.”  They make it easy for you to be confident about your health and wellness knowledge. Ask a dietitian here.

To view nutrition resources, visit Arbor's website.